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Women Entrepreneur Awards 2023 WINNER


Heung Sin Yi Gianni

The Dream Academy

Our service caters to individuals who sense an untapped potential within themselves and seek significant breakthroughs in their lives.


HR, Coaching & Education

About the Winner

Is dream important to you ?
The Dream Academy believes that, if there is a dream, there will be a way.
The academy is run by a small group millennials, who have a big believes on others.
We offer Corporates training and individual coaching, to find their life desire and help them to overcome their limitation, to achieve who they really are.

A successful Story will be Deborah Mok, who is a English teacher, having an self doubt, after 3 sessions of coaching, we found she want to be an imagine consultant but there is none in her social circles, so we connected her with AngeeLia Phua in Singapore, she is the Top 10 Image Consultants In Asia 2023.

We believe there is so much more story and dream are yet to be discover and nurture.

We are the first group of millennials started this service in Asia as we we know of, we are able to connect to our target audience who is 16 to 35 who have this self identity issue.
People purchase by they know there is a undiscover potential in their life, and huge breakthrough.

Our Head coach is Gianni Heung, who is NASA flew student program E-team leader, Lady of excellence 2023, Toastmaster of the year of her Area on 2022, Serial Global Engineering Competition winner. She believes that, if she can make it, everyone can make it, and this awards will help more youth to discover our service and achieve their dream, leading by example.

Let's Make Dreams Come True - The Dream Academy

Women Entrepreneur Award 2023 Winner

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