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Women Entrepreneur Awards 2023 WINNER

United Kingdom

Zara Muirhead

Love Literacy Limited


HR, Coaching & Education

About the Winner

Love Literacy is a dedicated intervention service that has been committed to training educators and supporting students in achieving academic excellence for over a decade. Our journey began when I witnessed my younger brother, who had aspirations to become a Lawyer, struggle in school and veered away from his dreams. This inspired me to create a space where children are seen, valued, and can thrive.
With a 95% pass rate and a strong presence in the community and nationwide, we have supported thousands of students from diverse cultures and abilities. We offer both in-person and online courses in subjects such as Maths, English, Literature, Science, and Reasoning. In addition, we collaborate with industry experts to provide sessions in fields like law, fashion, drama, and accountancy, expanding the horizons of our learners.
One of the key aspects that make Love Literacy exceptional is our provision of additional staff for students with special needs at no extra cost to the customer. We genuinely care about our students and their success, going above and beyond to ensure they receive the support they require. Many of our learners have become volunteers and received top-notch training, leading to employment opportunities and university placements. We also assist our students in writing CVs to support their future endeavours.
Recognising the importance of online learning, we have invested in a sophisticated online learning portal. This investment has benefited families, especially during the challenging times of the pandemic. We offer free and discounted classes and provide scholarships to families who lack access to quality education through our arm, Love Education C.I.C.
Our commitment to giving back has contributed to our business's success, as we have become a trusted go-to resource for education and holistic support. Our reputation speaks for itself, showcasing our genuine passion for the important work we do.

Love Literacy boasts a competitive advantage through its commitment to personalised education and comprehensive support. With dedicated tutors, the program ensures that each student's unique needs are addressed, setting it apart from standardised approaches. By providing additional staff for special needs students at no extra cost, Love Literacy promotes inclusivity and creates an environment where every learner can excel. The program's success is evidenced by the number of students who have not only achieved academic excellence but also volunteered for Love Literacy, gaining valuable training and securing employment or university placements. Love Literacy goes beyond academics by offering assistance with CV writing, preparing students for future success. Our investment in an advanced online learning portal facilitates flexible and accessible education, benefitting families, especially during the pandemic. Moreover, Love Literacy's distribution of scholarships to underserved families showcases its dedication to promoting equal access to quality education. This commitment has established Love Literacy as a trusted go-to resource for holistic education and support. Its reputation is built on a demonstrated passion for its work and the positive impact it has on students' lives. In summary, Love Literacy's competitive advantage lies in its personalised approach, inclusive support, proven track record, advanced online platform, scholarship program, and status as a trusted provider of holistic education and support.

Women Entrepreneur Award 2023 Winner

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