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Women Entrepreneur Awards 2023 WINNER

United Kingdom

Zinthiya Ganeshpanchan

She Inspire (Global) Ltd


HR, Coaching & Education

About the Winner

She Inspires set up in 2018 provides tailor made consultancy support and training services to social enterprise, not- for- profit organisations and start ups to survive, thrive and become sustainable. Profits generated through these activities are then re-invested to build the capacity of other early start up females enterprises and women led grassroots organisations in the developing world.

The unique selling point of our organisation is that not only that the support is provided by individuals who have lived experiences int he field but all profits generated are re-invested in our local community to support other female entrepreneurs who are in the early stage of their venture as well as support to women led organisations in developing world to build their capacity.

Women Entrepreneur Award 2023 Winner

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