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Women Entrepreneur Award 2023

Our mission transcends mere commerce; it's about igniting a shared passion for Latin American cuisine through unparalleled customer service and devotion to sourcing the finest products.


Retail, eCommerce, SaaS


Mi Tierra Latina Store

Alexandra Osan

About the Winner

Mi Tierra Latina is an LGBTQ women-owned company created out of the need to offer a wide variety of Latin American products to our community. Our Latin American Grocery store is a one-stop-shop for all Latin American food needs. We offer a wide variety of fresh and authentic Latin American ingredients, spices, and ready-to-eat meals.We strive to be a one-stop shop for all Latin American grocery needs, and to share our passion for Latin American cuisine with our customers through exceptional customer service and a commitment to sourcing the best products.

Our Latin American Grocery store is a place where customers can explore the rich and diverse flavors of Latin American cuisine, while also finding the ingredients and products they need to bring those flavors to their own kitchens.

We set ourselves apart by having the largest variety of quality products from all over Latin America, such as Mexico, Colombia, Brazil, Argentina and more. Our personalized customer service and expertise in Latin American cuisine sets us apart from other specialty grocery stores. Our team provides recommendations and advice to customers who may be unfamiliar with our ingredients and products, and we also feature recipes and cooking tips for popular Latin American dishes on our website.

We choose products that support local communities, building partnership with local businesses to help them grow and we are proud sponsors of the LGBTQ2+ community in Vancouver, participating yearly in the Pride Parade.

We are proud to be a community hub for Latin American culture and regularly host tastings to celebrate the food and traditions of Latin America and allow our customers to try new products.

We are on a mission to bring the authentic taste of Latin America closer to our communities.


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