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Celebrating New Year

Women Entrepreneur Award 2023 Winners

Retail, eCommerce, SaaS

Alexandra Osan


Our mission transcends mere commerce; it's about igniting a shared passion for Latin American cuisine through unparalleled customer service and devotion to sourcing the finest products.

Katie Tyndale


Our focus is on saving these businesses time, effort, and cost, embracing our role as micro-business champions. Our service model is distinguished by its flexibility and responsiveness, with no minimum order volume requirements, extremely affordable storage options, and a client-centric approach.

Kath Ishak


Our mission is to offer high-quality, affordable products that are both user-friendly and globally accessible, ensuring that everyone, regardless of their background, can enjoy the beauty experience we provide.

Patti Mamalis


At Power Word Postcards, we create more than products; we foster connections and uplift spirits. Our offerings range from heartfelt handwritten postcards and affirmation cards to inspiring DayMaker bags.

vibhuti punjabi


Joanne Ryan


Silk Laser Clinics

Silk Laser Clinics provides a broad range of services including cosmetic injectables, laser hair removal, skincare, and body sculpting treatments among others.

Komal Awtaney


Nakashi Lighting

This award recipient sets themselves apart by offering not just LED lighting, but comprehensive solutions to curate the desired ambiance

Lindsay Galloway-Hall


Falling Leaf clothing

a conscious clothing brand intertwining Scottish photography. The founders, environmentally-minded Scots with a passion for mountain biking and motorcycling, initiated the brand as an affordable alternative to fast fashion.

Raegan Gentry


Rava Life, LLC

Ranjeet Kaur Dang


Vaniya by Ranjeet

Shagun Malhotra



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