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Women Entrepreneur Award 2023

Our focus is on saving these businesses time, effort, and cost, embracing our role as micro-business champions. Our service model is distinguished by its flexibility and responsiveness, with no minimum order volume requirements, extremely affordable storage options, and a client-centric approach.


Retail, eCommerce, SaaS


Copper Beech Trading Ltd

Katie Tyndale

About the Winner

We offer storage, packing (inc. contract packing), shipping and Corporate Gifting Services for Micro and small businesses saving them time, effort and money. No business is too small for us to support - we position ourselves as Champions of micro business. We do not have minimum order volume requirements, we offer very low cost storage and are nimble and flexible. We offer an outstanding, responsive and client focused service.

1. We do not have minimum order volumes 2. We are client focused and flexible - big, impersonal warehousing solutions offer straightforward packing but our Clients often want tissue paper, or stickers, or postcards or a zillion other little things, we pay attention to these details and make each package look fantastic and we are proud to send them out. 3. We are creative - we work with our Clients to create what we term 'low cost but high impact' gifts that wow their own Clients and deepen those relationships. We have many success stories highlighting the impact our services have had.


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