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Women Entrepreneur Award 2023

At Power Word Postcards, we create more than products; we foster connections and uplift spirits. Our offerings range from heartfelt handwritten postcards and affirmation cards to inspiring DayMaker bags.


Retail, eCommerce, SaaS


Power word Postcards

Patti Mamalis

About the Winner

Power word Postcards offers a variety of unique products that inspire, motivate, and support. From handwritten postcards to affirmation cards to DayMaker bags we are all about connection and uplifting spirits.

Our unique super power that sets us apart is we have a team of writers that write handwritten messages. The cards we mail out are written from the heart and very personal. We are DayMakers. When a person receives a card in the mail we literally make people's day. Our DayMaker bags are created with the support from sponsorships and we deliver 500
dayMaker bags at a time to nurses or teachers with items in the bags that will make their day.


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