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Christy Roberts -Winner of the Women Founder Award 2024

Name of the Woman Nominee:   Christy Roberts

Business Name:  Creating Change

City, County:  Melbourne, Australia

In which year was your business incorporated:  2018

Business Entity Type: Sole-Proprietorship (Single Owner) / One Person Company (OPC)

Company/Business Employee Size: Self-employed

Industry Type: Health & Wellness

Industry specialization:  Life Coach & Self Directed Healing

Social Media : Linkedin

About Your Brand/Company:

Creating Change helps people to live their best life, despite the challenges it can throw at us. The company works 1:1 with high achievers and leaders and runs Wellbeing Workshops that focus on Mental, Emotional, and Psychosocial Wellbeing.

As the Global Self Directed Healing Practitioner Trainer and a Grief Educator, Creating Change is highly experienced and at the top of its field. The company is a four-time finalist and the 2023 Australian Women’s Small Business Champion Winner in Alternative Therapy.

Creating Change excels in addressing challenges like anxiety, depression, stress, feeling stuck, overwhelm, anger, suicidal ideation, disconnection, and navigating grief and trauma.

Services provided include:

•       Life Coaching (1:1, Corporate & Leadership)

•       Self Directed Healing

•       Grief & Trauma Specialist

•       Free educational video content & YouTube Channel, workbooks, and worksheets

Psychosocial Wellbeing Workshops

•       Master Your Time – Master Your Life

•       The Art of Crucial Conversations

•       Living with Grief & Trauma

•       Emotional Balance

•       Work Life Balance

•       All About Fatigue

•       Self Sabotage Unmasked

•       Healthy Boundaries

The School of Life (SOL Program)

Creating Changes signature group Coaching & Healing membership is called The SOL Program.

This is an educational, motivational, and inspiring program that supports students in improving all areas of life including vision & purpose, business/career, health & well-being, relationships, mindset, hobbies & interests, and wealth creation.

Topics covered include goal setting, emotions, grief, trauma, mindset, values, limiting beliefs, procrastination, self-sabotage, boundaries, self-esteem, confidence, resilience, communication & time management skills, and more. All the topics we should have learned at school, but never did!

Differentiation / Competitive Edge:

The founder is the only person in the world with a unique skill set (Self Directed Healing/Coach/Grief Educator). The founder has a strong HR, Leadership, Organisational Development background, and is a qualified trainer & Assessor.

In addition to being professionally qualified and experienced with grief and trauma, the founder has lived experience after losing her 18-year-old son, Aaron, in a tragic car accident. The founder is a great role model and living example of how life after deep loss and tragedy can still be rewarding, worthwhile, and fulfilling.

Other Relevant Information

Creating Change has received 49 fabulous reviews. Here are a few:

•       Christy is an incredible communicator who has an unparalleled depth of knowledge, experience, and empathy, making her the ‘go to’ guide for anyone living with grief. Not only does she provide a clear lens through which to understand it, she also guides you through its experience in a way that also supports you in all other aspects of your life. Sonja Armstrong

•       Incredible time management and life coaching workshop! Christy came out to our office and ran a half-day workshop with the team, and we all took away so many valuable lessons. A huge thank you to Christy, we really appreciate it and would highly recommend her services to all businesses and individuals. Chris Angrakian

•       I started my journey with Christy just under 3 months ago. I was lost, angry, and tired. To put it simply, I wanted to give up on myself. I couldn’t have found Christy at a more perfect time in my life. She has helped me look within and transform for the better. Christy is a mastermind, with so much knowledge and experience. She is such a powerful asset to have in your corner. If you are considering coaching with Christy - DO IT! Mackenzie Brasher

The founder has been an Executive Contributor for Brainz Magazine and has 13 published articles.

Lives are being saved. It doesn’t get any more powerful than that!


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