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Tanya Hilts -Winner of the Women Founders Award 2024

Name of the Woman Nominee:   Tanya Hilts

Business Name:  Cloud Business Services

City, County:  Belleville, Canada

In which year was your business incorporated:  2018

Business Entity Type: Limited Liability (LLP)

Company/Business Employee Size: 1-50 employees

Industry Type: Legal & Accounting

Industry specialization:  Accounting Services

Social Media : Linkedin

About Your Brand/Company:

Cloud Business Services, led by award-winning entrepreneur Tanya Hilts, specializes in providing comprehensive cloud accounting solutions. The organization is dedicated to empowering businesses through streamlined financial management. It offers a range of services including consulting, advisory, and bookkeeping, tailored to enhance operational efficiency and drive business growth.

At Cloud Business Services, pride is taken in a client-centric approach, ensuring solutions are accessible and understandable, devoid of technical jargon. As early adopters of cutting-edge technology, continuous innovation is pursued to meet the evolving needs of clients, making significant impacts across various industries. The commitment to excellence and leadership in cloud accounting positions the organization at the forefront of the field.

Differentiation / Competitive Edge:

What distinguishes Cloud Business Services from others in the industry is a personalized approach and commitment to clarity and simplicity in cloud accounting. Clients choose the organization because it speaks their language—eliminating complex jargon and making accounting understandable and approachable.

Early adoption of leading-edge technology allows Cloud Business Services to offer innovative solutions that not only keep up with industry trends but also anticipate the evolving needs of clients. This proactive approach ensures that services are always at the cutting edge, providing clients with a competitive advantage.

Moreover, the award-winning service, spearheaded by a recognized leader in cloud bookkeeping, Tanya Hilts, instills confidence in clients. They trust in the expertise and the consistent quality delivered, knowing that they are partnering with a top-tier provider dedicated to their success.

Other Relevant Information

Customer feedback consistently praises Cloud Business Services for exceptional support and the tangible improvements seen in their financial management. Clients value the personal touch brought to services, often highlighting how the accessible approach and dedication to education in accounting practices empower them to better manage their businesses.

Looking forward, plans are in place to expand offerings to include more tailored analytics services, giving clients deeper insights into their financial health. This expansion will allow the organization to serve a broader range of industries and address specific challenges faced by clients. Additionally, there is an aim to strengthen community involvement by hosting workshops and seminars that foster financial literacy and business acumen among entrepreneurs


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