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Swathi Nelabhatla - Winner of the Women Founders Award 2024

Name of the Woman Nominee:   Swathi Nelabhatla

Business Name:  Shejobs

City, County:  Farmers Branch, United States

In which year was your business incorporated:  2020

Business Entity Type: Corporation

Company/Business Employee Size: 51-100 employees 

Industry Type:  Information Technology

industry specialization:  Technology D&I Focused organization

Website URL : 

Social Media: Linkedin

About the Brand/Company:

Swathi Nelabhatla is the Founder of SheJobs (, a Diversity-focused organization that concentrates on women and Underrepresented Minorities in the USA and India. The company emphasizes sustainable goals on Gender Equality. SheJobs works with women who have gaps in their careers to return to work and assists organizations in their Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives. SHEJOBS strives to create Returnship programs within organizations. The main focus of SheJobs is supporting women who have children with disabilities. SheJobs was recently named the 2022 Impact Company of the Year by DotCom Magazine. In 2021, Swathi was named one of the 20 most Inspiring Women Leaders by Women's Leaders magazine.

Differentiation / Competitive Edge:

A dynamic group runs the portal that helps corporates achieve their diversity goals. The enthusiastic team has years of experience in staffing services and is backed by a partner network for quicker turnarounds. Tech and other industries are respected equally as a foundational principle.

Whether one is a fresher or a professional individual, Shejobs has a job for everyone. The experienced staff members match every Jobseeker with the best job. SheJobs has always been at the forefront of giving opportunities to freshers by connecting them with the best talent-hiring companies.

The company has a campus connect program for the freshers. Additionally, SheJobs has a Returnship program that offers reskilling, upskilling, and opportunities for growth to help those reentering the workforce ease the transition. On the employer's side, a simplified-yet-modern interface provides the right pool matching their criteria. Responsibility and joy are taken in delivering services for the Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) of gender equality.

The daily activities at SheJobs enable employers to hire women through insightful discovery and create mutually valid connections. Job seekers can enroll with their resume to receive the latest information on matching opportunities and additionally get several value-added services from us.

Other Relevant Information

After a detailed gap analysis of the job market, it was decided that an ecosystem of dedicated recruitment partners like us could achieve the desired gender equality.

The story originates from the graph showing a declining trend from 2005 (which has taken a drastic decline after the 2020 pandemic). After a successful run in the US labor market, SheJobs decided to set its strong foot in the Indian job market to provide equal employment opportunities for women.

Gender equality is a way that leads to capturing the skills, ideas & perspectives that any gender has to offer. In addition, nowadays, people want to work with companies that prioritize equality. Consequently, the features and services of SheJobs were designed centered on women. The team understands that there are several right places to work, and there are several women candidates who can fill in, on par with the required skill levels. In accordance, today, the portal is a growing phenomenon to aid the recruitment process in several companies, linking their value chain with the candidate pool provided.


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